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Founded in 1991, Sabha Advertising Gifts & Printing LLC or simply Sabha Advertising, started as a small gifts company specializing in screen printing and corporate gifts. Business was tough as there were bigger competitions in the early years of the company. But thanks to the people working behind the scenes, Sabha Advertising grew to be one of the leading advertising agencies in the UAE up to this day.


Sabha Advertising is one of the leading companies in the advertising industry in the United Arab Emirates. This is evidenced by the successful achievements of major prestigious projects for a large group of customers in the region. We have exploited more than 25 years of experience in the field of advertising to serve our customers by providing optimum advertising solutions to ensure highest standards of quality to reflect share of success between the supplier and the customer.

We in Sabha Advertising seek to extend the bridges of communication with our customers and the public through our innovative solutions that reflect the standards of service to the satisfaction of our esteemed customers by providing a well experienced work team capable of providing creative ideas for the development of their business. This service is not restricted to the market studies and solution only, but extended further to organizing such campaign that suit the product brand intended to be promoted and portray it in an image that distinguishes it from that of the competitors. The customer and quality of service we render, beginning with the creation of design of the logo, being the identity of the product, thought to the identity colors and the stationary accompanying the promotion campaign required for the product and ending with the implementation of such campaigns in the form of outdoor advertisements or prints. We have provided to our customers the latest techniques in advertising campaign such as 3 digital printing machines, banners printing machine, engraving and cutting machine, offset machine and a set of welding and cutting machines, as well as acrylic polishing machines.


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